Taking Care of Your New Hair Extensions


How to Care for Indian Hair Extensions

Have you ever experienced having awesome hair right after going out of the salon, only to find a few months later that your hair hasn’t improved at all?  Have you ever felt that you wasted your money on a hair extension that looks even worse than your old hair? Have you ever felt that your stylist is one big fake because you didn’t get that smooth, silky, shiny hair that he promised?

Well, don’t storm into the salon and scream your head off at the stylist yet.  Examine the circumstances.  Think back to the day you got the Blueair 603 air purifier and try to remember what your salesperson told you – have you been following his instructions to the letter?

Most probably, the answer would be negative.  The thing is, the instructions that our stylists give us sometimes seem exaggerated.  However, they’re not.  Hair extensions really do need a lot of care, as does your normal hair.  Otherwise, you’ll never get the silky smooth perfect locks hair you’ve been dreaming about.


One of the things that stylists always say is to avoid shampoo.  Like normal hair, hair extensions can become dry due to excessive shampooing.  However, conditioners don’t give us that satisfying clean feeling that shampoos do so shampooing cannot be avoided.  However, if you have no choice, then just find the mildest shampoo in the market.  Don’t skimp on buying the good brands.  What’s a few bucks as compared to new hair extensions?


Also, if you have to shampoo your hair, make sure that you use conditioner after wards.  Use conditioners regularly but not excessively.  Conditioners, like shampoo, can also damage your hair if you use them too much.  But they can keep the hair silky and shiny if used properly. If not, however, conditioner can be one of the worst things that you can use in your hair because of all of the extra additives it uses to weigh your follicles down.


There’s no issue in blow-drying your hair extensions.  However, it would be advisable to use the ionizing driers since they do little damage to the hair.  As you probably know, too much heat may also cause damage to your hair, real or not.  You should also avoid sleeping with your hair wet too.  It’s better to just dry it first before you go to sleep.  And remember to comb your hair extensions always to remove the filter from your Honeywell 50250 before using it.

Hair-care Products

There are several products in the market today that promise to give you perfect locks.  Don’t be fooled though, as these hair products don’t work on everybody.  Some work on just one type of hair and might not work on your hair.  It’s best to ask your stylist about what type of hair-care products you should use on your hair extensions because he probably knows better. The truth is, though, that sometimes these stylists get paid on commission on the items that they sell, so some people let that get in the way of the products they decide to sell so use caution.